Who are we?

All RUSINTER members share a common bond of commitment to excellence in our respective disciplines, and preservation of the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and quality of service in any assignment we undertake.

RUSINTER members are:

         Present and former senior executives, entrepreneurs and educators serving the hospitality industries;

         Highly experienced, highly motivated, with varied backgrounds throughout the spectrum of events which comprise the entire economic life cycle of most hospitality ventures and educational programs;

         Well traveled, having observed and experienced first-hand a vast range of approaches to virtually all aspects of hospitality education, project development and operations;

         Well placed in terms of industry and institutional contacts; and

         Proven communicators, well able to express to others our analyses of project viability, performance, problems and problem solving, and our suggestions for success . . . concisely and directly to the heart of the matter.

RUSINTER'S managing directors and regional directors promote market awareness of the organization, counsel and motivate new members, expand the RUSINTER network, and closely monitor the quality of service delivered by individual members within each region.

The Hospitality Industry

The individual components in the varied fields of travel and tourism comprise the world's largest industry, which has become truly global in nature and scope.

Predicted increases in tourism in every corner of the world will provide opportunities for well-positioned firms to profit from the growth.

RUSINTER can assist the forward thinking company in achieving its goals while maintaining focus on quality consistent with the markets being served.

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